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  Sichuan Minsheng Special Steel Forging Co.,Ltd., founded in 1992 over an area of some 6.6 hectares at Xiaohan town, Guanghan city, Sichuan province in
southwestern China, is specialized in the manufacturer of high grade steel forgings, a member of the Confederation of Chinese Metal-forming Industry, and a national
hi-tech enterprise. Adhering to the development philosophy to be a professional forgings manufacturer by making excellent quality products and providing swift
services, we have had a complete industrial chain from smelting, forging, heat treatment to machining.
  Our plant is provided with 3 sets of intermediate frequency furnaces, 2 sets of 5-ton heavy-duty electroslag melting furnaces, 7 sets of forging hammers ranging
from 400kg, 700kg, 1000kg to 3000kg and 5000kg capacity, 1 set of 2000-ton press and 1 set of 3500mm ring rolling machine, and quite a number of huge lathes that
together form an annual capacity of 20,000 tons.
  We are able to smelt some 200 types of special steel and forge various work-pieces such as rings, shafts, cylinders, and cakes, which are widely used at power
stations, chemical industry, petroleum, and machine-building, and assembly. Our new products have taken the place of imported ones at the national key projects,
hydropower stations, nuclear power stations, and large-scale chemical plants.
  Currently we have a workforce consisting of experts and technicians who strictly follow the provisions of the ISO 9001 quality assurance system, the Chinese
national standard and the customer’s requirements in quality control. We have a Deyang city-level technical center at our company.

Quality Guaranteed by Professionalism


Quality control implemented throughout steel
ingot smelting and forging, 30 control points from
material receiving to product delivery.
Our Professional Technical Team

Our technical team consisting of metallurgical and forging specialists are responsible for the control

and quality inspection of each and every technolo-gical process on site, as well as design and deve-

lopment of new materials and new processes as

per the customer's requirements.

Heart-to-heart Post-sales Services

Keep in full communication and requirement
identification with the customer, continual
attention to products after delivery, endeavor
to bring about value for the customer.
With outstanding quality and swift service,
be a professional manufacturer of special steel forgings

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Sichuan Minsheng Special Forging Co.,Ltd has undergone more than 2 decades of arduous work and development since its founding. Thanks
to your generous support and sincere cooperation, Sichuan Minsheng has grown into a large-scale manufacturer specialized in the production
of special steel forgings and bars in the industry.
Your browsing will make it possible for us to establish contact and find opportunities for cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, which is
our very aim and fundamental principle for joining hands together.
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Our Manufacturing Capability

Provided with intermediate frequency furnace -- electroslag heavy-duty combined smelting equipment
capable of producing various types of special steel forgings, with an ingot in a maximum weight of 12 tons.  
Installed with 10 sets of forging hammers, presses and ring rolling machines provided with sufficient heating furnaces and machining equipment, producing 20,000 tons of various types of forgings.

2000-ton oil hydraulic press   
3-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace
3500mm ring rolling machine
5-ton electro-slag heavy melting furnace
Success determined by the detail; Brilliance cast from superior quality

Sichuan Minsheng Special Steel Forging Co.,Ltd.
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